BenadriLL contemplates "TIME"

From the vaults of the LakeHouse archives comes the terrific single "Time" by BenadriLL from his first record Over the Counter (2009). They say you can see hints of the artist someone will become from the very moment they begin and that is absolutely the case here. BenadriLL effortlessly delivers 120+ bars of stream of conscious raps about the relentless march of time that are at once philosophical, relatable, and playful. Not surprisingly, the song and its themes have become all the more poignant now, 7 years later, and the choice to film in front of an outdoor art exhibit of a 10-ton melting ice cube only adds. Thank you to ice cube architect Olson Kundig and the ever-shifting, ever-present community of Occidental Park and Pioneer Square, Seattle. » Directed by RoofDoggLove

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