"KiLL Me" remembers Seattle's lost musicians, Civil Rights leaders

Fifty-one years ago today, Malcolm X was gunned down in a ballroom full of people. Three years later, Martin Luther King was assassinated on a Memphis balcony. Both were fighting for liberation. Today our leaders and visionaries tend not to face the smoking gun, but still they are taken in a myriad of ways no less horrific. LakeHouse Entertainment's video "KiLL Me" remembers legendary Seattle rock musicians Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain and contemplates the tragedy and reasons for their premature deaths. Both were 27, both were reshaping rock & roll, and both are recognized as voices of their generation.

While Jimi and Kurt are widely seen as having fallen to the so-called maladies of fame - drugs and depression - our work hopes to put their deaths into a broader context. Were the struggles they faced strictly internal as we have been lead to believe? Or, if not, where and how do we place blame for the murder of a man's mind, soul, and spirit?

Hendrix and Cobain are often remembered as entertainers but, keeping in mind their rebellious nature and pointed critiques of American society, we must also acknowledge them as part of an intergenerational struggle for liberation. The lyrics of Yung Dolla$, Mo' Money, and Mad Rich reach back to stoke that fire and, together with these images, hopefully it will stoke the fire in you.

They may kill one, but they can never kill us all...


LakeHouse Ent.

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